Upper Link

Mounting Post Kit

New upper link mount and lower links coming soon.


Gain extra stability and achieve greater articulation potential

by mounting your upper 4-link bars to the top of your Clodbuster gear cases.

This kit is perfect for the scratch chassis builder or can be used with various

aftermarket chassis. (some chassis alterations may be needed)

(can not be used when using stock or ESP turnbuckle steering set ups)

Kit Price: $30.00


The kit includes 2 black link mounting posts, retainers and mounting screws.

The keyed retainer (K-nut) keeps the post secure.

(ball ends and link bars not included but available seperately)

Aluminum Upper 4-link bar kit used with ALU-CB40

(includes 4 link bars & ball ends)

CL-CBA06 kit price: $35.00


CNC Aluminum lower 4-Link bars

(set of 4 bars with ball ends)

ALU-CB41 kit price: $70.00 (currently unavailable)