Clodbuster Straight Axle kit

One pair of Thunder Tech Straight Axle's for the Clodbuster made exclusively for Thunder Tech Racing by MIP,

 part # MIP-CB02 Retail price $50.00 per pair


(inner hex not included)


MIP-CB02 Kit Includes:

Optional wheel bolts will be available for use with Thunder Tech wheel wideners and adapters

By Request: Optional aluminum outer hex drives (out of stock)

for CVD's & straight axels in 12mm, 14mm & 17mm hex sizes.

12mm hex drives: MIP-CB12    $25.00/set of 4

14mm hex drives: MIP-CB14    $25.00/set of 4

17mm hex drives: MIP-CB17  $25.00/set of 4

12mm drives  for  CVD's & Straight axles

14mm drives  for  CVD's & Straight axles


DEL-CB01 and DEL-CB04 will use 25mm x 5mm bolts. Part number: SP-5MF-25 $4.00 (set of 4)

DEL-CB02 and DEL-CB03 will use 30mm x 5mm bolts. Part number: SP-5MF-30 $4.00 (set of 4)

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