(shown with optional CNC sway bar kit)     Standard wire sway bars included

Thunder Tech Racing presents:

its World Champion racing chassis upgrade for the Clodbuster

(gearcases / wheels & tires, shocks & body are not included, but are available for additional purchase)

Lay down battery with support wings.

adjustable for 3 different wheelbase lengths.

13 1/2", 12 3/4", or 12"

Multiple upper 4-link bar mounting positions

Optional CNC sway bar kit. (kit includes standard wire sway bars)

Link mounted shocks provides a

cantilever like equivalent of suspension travel

without the added mechanical hardware.

 Lower 4-link bars.

Top center mounted upper 4-link bars

(raises roll center of truck, making it more stable)

also included:

Aggressor steering system ,

Rear steering lockout kit,

Wire Sway bars all included

Designed to work with most 3 1/2" shocks

(shocks not included)


Carbon Fiber chassis

Ripper Pro part # RIPP-01-P $280.00

(carbon fiber version 2.5 mm thick)



"The Ripper has to be the best aftermarket Clod suspension and chassis kit

that I have ever tested" R/C Car Action

Kit includes:
  • Carbon Fiber light weight chassis
  • 4 Delrin/Carbon Fiber lower 4-link bars with heavy duty ball ends and #6 hardware
  • adjustable wheelbase
  • 4  upper 4-link bars with ball ends
  • multiple mounting position for upper links
  • 2 Delrin 4-link mounting blocks
  • 4 upper shock mounting brackets
  • G-10 black radio tray
  • aluminum body mounting brackets with mounting posts & body clips
  • front Aggressor steering system
  • rear steering elimination kit
  • front & rear wire sway bars
  • battery tie down straps
  • black anodized aluminum parts
  • assembly instructions

Kit will require a pair of Clod gearcases/ wheels & tires,

3 1/2" shocks, electronics & body to complete build up.


Optional accessories

    Part Number:  
Associated shock kit 1.02"(3 1/2" overall) 1 pair (price includes cups & adjusters)   Pics ASD-S1.02 OUT
Aluminum knuckle brace kit (set of 4) Pics ALU-CB21 $20.00
Wheel Wider Kit (set of 4)  1 1/4" Pics DEL-CB02b $30.00
Adjustable Motor Mount kit (includes 2 motor plates, dust covers & hardware) Pics ALU-CB30 OUT



(prices subject to change without notice)