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Clodbuster parts

Part Number: Name / Description Price  
RIPP-01-P Ripper Pro Chassis, Clodbuster $280.00 Pics
  New Chassis configuration, Eliminator steering system, and more    
RAGE-01 The "Rage" Chassis, Clodbuster $160.00 Pics
  Aluminum chassis, battery tray, 4-link bars, steering links,rear lock out & more    
BEAR-01 20 piece Clodbuster/Bullhead bearing kit $20.00 Pics 
  (kit includes sixteen 6mm x 12mm & four 5mm x 8mm bearings    
ALU-CB12 Aluminum knuckle reinforcement bracket kit $20.00  Pics
  Kit includes 4 aluminum brackets  & mounting hardware kit    
ALU-CB30 Adjustable Motor Mount  kit ( 24:1 to 49:1 ratio range ) ( stock is 30:1 ) $20.00   Pics 
  Allows you to go from a 6 tooth to 16 tooth pinion with no modifications. Kit includes 2 motor mount plates,  2 clear dust covers and mounting hardware kit.    
ALU-CB40 Upper 4-link bar Mounting Post kit   Pics
   (1 pair) Mounts 4-link bars on top of gear cases    
ALU-CB41 CNC Lower 4-Link Bar kit   Pics
   Includes 4 Aluminum 4-link bars, 8 ball ends and hardware  
ALU-CB42 Upper Aluminum 4-link bar kit (for use with CNC lower links & upper mounting post kits) $35.00 Pics 
  Kit includes four 4-link bars & heavy duty ball ends, conical washers and mounting hardware    
CF-CB22 Axle Tube Brace Combo kit (for use with standard 4-link system. ESP ect.) $45.00  Pics
CF-CB22-R Axle Tube Brace Combo kit (for use with Ripper/ Tremor 4-link system.) $45.00  
CF-CB40 Sky Wheelie bar kit for Tremor / Centurion LTD $12.50  
CF-CB41 Sky Wheelie bar and frame rails for Ripper $35.00  
CL-CBA22 Rear Steering Lockout kit for Clodbuster $30.00  
DEL-CB01 Wheel widener kit (4) for Clodbuster (3/4" added width)   Pics
DEL-CB02b Wheel widener kit (4) for Clodbuster (1 1/4" added width) $30.00  
DEL-CB03 Wheel Adapter kit (4) to add E/T Maxx/ Savage wheels on Clodbuster $45.00  
MIP-CB01 Clodbuster CVD axle kit (1 pair)    
MIP-CB02 Clodbuster Straight axle kit (1 pair)    
MIP-CB10 Clodbuster Ball Differential  (1 unit) $45.00  
  Misc. parts    
Parm-#6 Pre-crushed car body (build your own monster track)    
RCS-57F Heavy duty ball link body for 1/4" ball & 6-32 threads $0.50  
RCS-78A03 1/4" Conical washer with #4 hole $0.12  
RCS-78A04 1/4" ball with #4 hole $0.25  
RCS-78B03 1/4" Conical washer with 3mm hole $0.12  
RCS-78B04 1/4" ball with 3mm hole $0.25  
RCS-87A Ball link body for 1/4" ball & 4-40 threads $0.35  
RCS-87A-L Ball link body for 1/4" ball & 4-40 left hand threads $0.35  
RCS-87F Ball link body for 1/4" ball & 6-32 threads $0.35  
Serv-pts 01 Replacement Cantilever bushings 1/8"x1/4"flanged delrin pack or 4 $3.00  
TCL-01 Thunder Tech Ripper T-Shirt    
  Electric Stampede parts (while supplies last)    
Dia-Back 01 Rear Cantilever kit for Diamondback cage kit   Pics
Dia-Back 21 Front sway bar kit for Diamondback Stampede kit    
Dia-Back 22 Rear sway bar kit for Diamondback Stampede kit    
Outlaw-01 Outlaw chassis kit for Stampede Carbon Fiber $125.00  Pics 
Outlaw-01S Outlaw chassis kit for Stampede G-10 fiberglass $75.00 Pics 
  TLT-1 parts    
DEL-TLT01 Wheel widener kit (4) for TLT-1 also works with other 12mm hex vehicles $45.00  
  TXT-1 parts    
CF-TXT41 Extra battery mount kit for TXT-1 carbon fiber $20.00  
CF-TXT42 Carbon Fiber radio tray for TXT-1 $12.50  
DEL-TXT01 Wheel widener kit (4) for TXT-1 $45.00  
CF-TXT10 Aggressor steering system for TXT-1 $40.00  
  Twin Force parts    
ENFO-01 EnForcer Chassis for KyoshoTwin Force $150.00  
CF-TF04 Eliminator steering system for Twin Force or Mad Force RTR $30.00  


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