Clodbuster Ball Differential

(out of stock & production)

 Thunder Tech Ball Differential Unit for the Clodbuster

 Made exclusively for Thunder Tech Racing by MIP

 part # MIP-CB10 Retail price $45.00 per unit. (out of stock)


MIP-CB10 Kit Includes:

Exploded view of ball dif.  New design for '07 with more balls!


Original Thorp Dif on left. New Thunder Tech Dif on right.

Tuning & Adjustments
The ball diff assembly is tunable outside the gearbox only. Use a US quarter, or similar size coin or large washer. (25mm x 2mm or 1" x 1/16") to make adjustments.
24 tuning marks have been added for reference.  Use a coin to tighten the diff by hand as tight as you can make it. Make note of the timing mark. This would be a good setting for the rear of a heavy Clod (Over 9 lbs.) For lighter race trucks back off the adjuster counter-clockwise two marks. This is a good start for the rear of a race truck or front of a heavy truck. For the front of a race truck, back off about four marks. Some experimentation will be needed on your part to adjust the diff to your driving style and track conditions. For extra heavy trucks the diff can be tightened with the aid of pliers to get an even tighter setup. If the diff slips for more than a foot or two under acceleration, it needs to be tightened up.
Warning: Running the diff too loose will cause it to over heat and damage it.

Please note: The Ball Diff assembly will require occasional maintenance after about 20 hours of run time. Inspect the balls and thrust washers & replace any parts that show wear. Re-lube the diff and reinstall in the gear case. Replacement balls, thrust washers, wave washers, lube and other parts are available from Thunder Tech Racing.

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